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tv   Action News  ABC  April 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> sunday night a water main break leaves several neighborhoods in montgomery county without water. >> and wrangling continues in
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colwyn as council members fight back against paula brown. >> the big story on "action news" is woman accused of abandoning her son in the woods off cobbs creek parkway now in a maryland hospital. >> police in philadelphia contacted -- made contact with 41-year-old parlor. she is in maryland and authorities are hoping to extra diet her. annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: 41-year-old nia parlor faces a list of serious charges aggravated assaulten neglect and kidnapping. she abandoned her 21-year-old special needs son a quadriplegic has cerebral palsy and can can if not speak. a walker discovered him in the woods in cobbs creek parkway. parlor laid him on the ground and left him here for a week with a blanket and bible. his wheelchair was found nearby. they believe she left non see her boyfriend in maryland. >> this kid is a fighter. which is unbelievable how we
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found him. you see this kid laying there it's heartbreaking and see a human especially mother can treat him like that. >> that's not the type of mother they described. she lives here in the 57 0 0 block of balt wore with her son and another child 16. >> i saw her religiously pick up her son. >> we seen this was and was shocked. she was a okay mother. >> she was a good neighbor as far as i'm concerned. she never showed no signs like she was tired or something because she must have had a mental breakdown to do that. she lacked like a loving mother. >> the special needs mana tends the high school of the future at 4 and parkside. monday the school became concerned and could not reach parlor so she phoned an aunt. once in touch with the mother authorities say she lied she indicated to both family members and police officers that the child was with her down with her boyfriend in maryland. >> police do not believe the boyfriend had any involvement.
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they officially charged parlor sunday morning and took her into custody in montgomery county, maryland. >> besides dehydration and mall nutrition doctors are concerned about an infection from a cut on the victim's back and bringing in a special list to look at eyes. they expect him to recover. but they say it's still a long road ahead. reporting outside of chop annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> to delaware county now in the continuing war of words are between the colwyn borough manager paula brown and her council. council president just lashed out at brown and allies ux kenneth. >> sarah the borough council president had to give money out of his own pocket for the nroypt put gas in police cars this weekend. he combated rumors and lies. the political dysfunction in colwyn continues. friday embattled possibly fired borough manager paula brown
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speaking out after she locked herself in her office for nearly 24 hours. saturday it was her alli mayor michael blue claiming borough bills won't be paid if she's dismissed leaving police cars unable to get gas and today it was council president fred lesher's turn. >> gasoline thing is not a problem the problem is politics. >> councilman lesher showed documents to say there is the money. revenge by former employees led to vendors suspending borough accounts and this latest mess will bed dressed during executive session tomorrow. >> it will be civil. i won't put up with creams and hollering. it will be civil. >> the mayor says it's true the cash is there and claims the accounts were frozen because of the borough's unstability. brown's name is or was on those accounts. >> we're not thinking about the borough they're thinking about money. they were thinking about the borough, if they were, this would never have made this
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decision. >> brown alleged misuse of more than 1 million by council and locked herself in the office to protect financial records a tactic she pulled in 2004 as mayor of darbyboro. this latest controversy comes in mist of investigation and investigation by district county office. >> they need to step it up. they do a good job but need to step it up. what's going on here is not politics as usual. it's an archy. >> and so the saga continues in this borough. that closed door council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. tomorrow. we spoke to paula brown by feign. she plans to be here early tomorrow morning to open up the hall and back up her things just in case. reporting live in colwyn this morning ken, "channel 6 action news," walter. >> thank you, kenneth. >> speed was a factor during early morning crash on columbus boulevard in south philadelphia.
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we tell "action news" the chevy malibu headed south and struck northbound car christian street. a passenger in the malibu is in critical condition at hahnemann university hospital. >> residents of several montgomery county communities were left high and dry hours today. ports of hatboro and upper moreland awoke to no water. the main was location in the unit block of east moreland avenue. water department crews shut off service in the area to make repairs. water was back on by later in the afternoon. >> to put it simply today was nothing short of glorious. not a cloud in the sky. moderate temperatures making it a day to go outside and soak it all in. john rawlins is among those taking advantage of the wonderful conditions that come to us have manyunk. >> things winding down here. they had a huge street festival earlier today. as far as temperature is concerned we're told it's a few above normal today. but, after the cold wind, and
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rain of late last week today's sunshine was well, liberate sunshine was well, liberating. at the horticultural center in fairmount park the sun was shipping on ceremonial drumers. the beginning of grand finale of subtrue cherry blossom festival, 1,000 people expected to attend the open air event that fosters better understanding of japanese customs. a sea of people, estimated 30 to 35,000 came to main street manayunk foods festival. consensus eating was great and warm, sunny day outstanding. >> it makes me literally feel the same way, bubbly and sunny. i'm normally bubbly but the weather has been like giving me a bit of function. this is definitely up lifting. >> it's a nice lift out of the seasonal depression. it makes everything better. >> it makes life better yeah absolutely. >> indeed it does. mix in music and some folks felt
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like dancing in the streets after a long, cold winter an a chilly early spring just being outside on a day like this was a helpful, much-needed tonic. >> i love it. it feels g i've been waiting for this since december 20 something the last nice day we had. >> sunshine was indeed liberating. a day to be outside. in manayunk, john rawlins "channel 6 action news." >> now we turn to meteorologist melissa magee outside with our first look at the ago uweather forecast melissa. >> yes, sarah we have plenty of sunshine overhead today. a nice end to the weekend with temperatures slightly above where they normally should be. it's a good day for sunday. check out the numbers across the delaware and lehigh valley. it puts you in a good mood. 66 in philadelphia, 65 trenton. 6 up in the poconos and much cool area long the shore with south facing wind. beach haven down to sea isle city temperature coming in at 50. if you step out on the town here this sunday evening perhaps
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dining alfresco, 7 p.m., still mostly sunny with temperature around 65. mostly clear. 8:00 tonight we'll drop down to 61. upper 50s at both 9 and 10:00 tonight. so talk about what's ahead. the good news not as chilly tonight as it was last night where we had frost advisory issued across the northwest suburbs and across interior subject jersey and less wind in comparison to yesterday. it will be warmer monday followed by rain arriving on tuesday. we'll talk about all the details coming up in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. for now i'll send it back inside to you. >> okay. melissa. the "action news" morning team will get you started on the workweek with the latest forecast join david karen, matt, tam starting 4:30 a.m. >> candidates for office in philadelphia brought their campaigns to west oak lane today. they all took part in political forum held by universal muslim business association. candidates for mayor as well as those running for council and
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other offices were asked about their investigation for the city future. pennsylvania primary is coming up may 19th. >> you cannot call it a surprise. today she made it official. former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is running for president. >> every day americans need a champion. and i weren't to be that champion. so you can do more than just get by. you can get ahead. and stay ahead. because when families are strong america is strong. >> now clinton made announcement by way this video and is hoping of course to become the first female american president. mrs. clinton is now expected to travel to early voting states beginning with iowa. >> world news sunday will have more on the clin con announcement coming up 6:30 following "action news". >> there's much more to come tonight on "action news." looking for a home. special dogs who lived through tough times are now up for adoption. >> and later a local well proves just how much grit she has. taking part in the 24 hour running world championships. we'll let you know how many
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miles she logged. >> and phillies go into extra innings citizen bank park. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes
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>> an overnight stabbing in bridgeton new jersey claimed the life of a man and left another injured washington and coanswery streets. investigators state stabbing was result of a fight. no arrests were made. another stab now this one in chester left a woman seriously injured. police were called to alley up land street after 6:00 this morning and the woman was beaten and stabbed. she was taken to corzer-chester medical center in serious
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>> the same fans he's turning autografts for turned on him. two on. chance to tie. it howard strikes out. all four bats today, booed loudly. no fear, darn ruff is here in
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the 7th. pinch hitting, gone. tied at. fanatic loves it. he's taking credit for it working magic there. in the tenth gets away. first pitch gets away from ruff. nationals get two. bottom ten down two chase utley pinch-hitter two on chance tie on win it. flies out. utley hitting .105 no homeers in last 172 at bats and last up herera trying to keep it alive. freddie galvis scores, phils within 1. winning run on base. hernandez grounds out. ball game. phils won last night and lose today. they fall back to 500 after taking-3 for the thats. >> i like the fight in the guys. we had a chance to win and all but opening day.
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that's a good sign to start off the home stand with the guys going to bat the way they did and fight sog hard and now leaving 3-3. there's some satisfaction to that. we can build on that. phillies now head to new york. michael carter williams returns to philadelphia tomorrow to face the sixers for the first time since they traded him to milwaukee back in february. sixers have only two games left. last night in chicago they were run with the bulls up as than many as nine but blew it. they lost 6 of the last 2 home kaimz and they have this the third worst record in the nba helping lottery odds. youngest team in nba history hanging out with youngsters today. embib balling with this young boy at haverford college and he sat out the entire season for foot injury and will play first game in summer leak:00 a.m. nerlens noel nursing an injuryy
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as well. >> 21-year-old jordan trying not fall apart like he did last year. he has a four shot lead. receives for san hoffman w held in elkins park. former governor ed rendell among those paying respects to hoffman who started daily news 1959. hoffman passed away thursday age of 56 and also a sportscaster here at channel 6 in the 1960s. >> he is a legend. >> great writer i grew up reading him in the paper every single day. one of the reasons why you get into this business a guy like that. >> big tribute thanks jeff. >> former members of the philadelphia flyers put community spirit on display when they took to ice today against a team from nhs human services. this is the 11th year for goals for giving benefit game and this year's goal is to stock the
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agency food pantries. these games raised 385,000 dollars. >> another check of accuweather next on "action news." >> meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. when "action news" comes right
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(woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. >> people probably just now wandering back into their house for dinner. such a gorgeous day today you. >> know we're basking in the sunshine because certain in a great mood. >> such a foul mood the past
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couple months. >> something to look forward to. tomorrow, guys gets better. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you can see that it is dry, quiet. no issues with precipitation today. it's all about that bright sunshine overhead. we'll show you the picture outside. the action cam was outside earlier today. all of the rowers there in schuylkill river you can see we have a bright blue sky overhead and a few high cirrus clouds ahead as well today. high as cross the delaware and lehigh valley, reading 68 pottstown, philadelphia, 67, average for us this time of year is 63. but, minus the wind today, and comparison top yesterday, and a full day of sunshine. it definitely did feel better and more comfortable outside in comparison to yesterday. wilmington high temperature today 65. atlantic city, 62. keep in mind you're about nine miles inland. most coastal communities had high temperatures in lower 50s with south facing wind. definitely cooler there. here's satellite 6 and action radar you see dry and quiet
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conditions from new england across the mid-atlantic region and high, thin clouds starting to move across the ohio valley. those stay away from the region the rest of tonight. in fact setup for us on monday high prerk you're moves east monday we talk about sweet 7 0s making a come back. winds high clockwise tap into return flow with southwesterly breezes high temperature in philadelphia coming in at 72 degrees. you look offer to the west we're tracking a cold front that's going to be moving across great lakes and ohio valley moving east ward monday night and throughout the day on tuesday we'll time out precipitation for you as we go throughout use notice the moisture approaching west/east direction and we have to watch the precipitation closely because some of the models are indicating that
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throughout the day on tuesday, this moisture could linger. we're calling for a quarter to half inch of rain on the way tuesday. good soak early in the day. we have to watch the timing of this cold front as it works the way east ward. some say we'll clear out midday. some has moisture lasting for a good chunk of the day tuesday. in the near term enjoy. sunshine on the way tomorrow. here's a call from accuweather the rest of tonight. patchy clouds. not as cold, 38 in suburbs to 43 in philadelphia with that overnight low. and here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. warm breezy on monday, get out and enjoy it. high temperature up to 72. and on tuesday, high temperature of 68. early rain then sunshine just have to watch the progression of that cold front as it works east ward it looks like moisture could liping are to a good chunk of the day by then. we'll track it for you. behind that high pressure returns midweek. sunny and nice high of 65. thursday, clouds and sunshine. and in at 63. friday mostly cloudy with
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showers around and in at 65 and looks to turn unsettled as we get to next weekend. cooler with possibility of rain showers guys, but enjoy tomorrow. in the 70s. >> sounds good. >> thank you. >> it was the perfect day to take your kavr out for a spin. especially if you're the proud owner of a vintage vehicle. here you see 200 of them at the blackwood fire company annual cars for cure event it doubles as fundraiser for saint baldrick's cancer foundation. there was certainly a lot to see here even if a few more years before you are allowed to go behind the wheel. >> you can always look. >> world news sunday is next on channel 6 and "action news" returns tonight at 11:00. >> don't miss "action news" at phl17 10:00 tonight and we're back here again at 6abc at 11. >> for melissa magee, jeff skversky walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, we'll see you right back here at 11:00
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welcome to "world news tonight." she's in. hillary clinton makes it official. making another bid to be the first woman president of the united states with this launch video. >> i'm running for president. >> but the star is not who you think. her plan to win and how republicans will try to stop her. use of force. the death of walter scott just the latest case of a police officer using what appears to be excess ifr force. why does this keep happening when cameras are now everywhere? in the cross hairs. the jewelry store worker kidnapped from a parking garage. tortured for the combination to the vault. what's behind the growing number of jewelry store thefts? and lifesaver. one man whose heart had stopped. the other, reaching him before first responders arrived. the new phone app that made it happen.


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